The Christian game “Heaven or hell?”

Our soul and its future, this is – in my opinion – what it’s all about for a Christian. I have been wondering what I can do to help fellow Christians focus on the greatest asset we received from God. This Christian game is my answer. It is somewhat problematic to speak of a Christian game when our greatest asset is at stake. So now and then I put game between quotation marks. This ‘game’ differs from other Christian games in its direct approach to the essential Christian topic.

The game “Heaven or hell?” is a Christian simulation of our soul’s fate, based on my understanding of the Scriptures and of Church teachings. No mortal being can know its soul’s future. Only God can. But it seems wise to spend time thinking about it. In the FREE VERSION of the ‘game’ 15 questions from an Angel are answered and followed up with a result: Heaven or hell (or purgatory if you allow that). You will always make an assumption regarding God’s mercy on you (set to 0% by default), you will be able to compare the development of your soul’s prospect with my estimates, and you will be able to go back and change previous answers.

For a few bucks (to partly recover my expenses) you can download the FULL VERSION, featuring 25 extra questions for a more balanced result. Additional pros of the FULL VERSION: an explanation of your outcome and a choice between a male and a female character.

To stay on the ‘safe’ side, I state that the game should not be played below age 16. Some of the pictures might be experienced as disturbing. By the way: I try to avoid being caught up in religious strife, leading me away from my own Christian practice. Like you, I need my peace of mind.

The free and the full versions for Windows and Android are available from this site (and elsewhere, see the shop and its individual products for your options).

I like to do this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Achille Christian (Canada/the Netherlands)

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